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On Surreal Sunday fallen ginkgo leaves become golden labyrinths….

On Surreal Sunday fallen ginkgo leaves become golden labyrinths. These ephemeral mazes are the creation of Sacramento State University counselor Joanna Hedrick. She’s been creating them every autumn since 2013 as a beautiful gift to students facing their final exams.


“[My art] is about taking something that’s already beautiful and making something unique—something you don’t just pass by,” Hedrick says.

Hedrick’s designs include spirals, concentric circles, and a hornet hive pattern. Each one takes between two to three hours to complete and she tends to make about six per season.

Head over to sactown magazine to learn more about Joanna Hedrick and her lovely leaf labyrinths.

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Photos by Joanna HedrickAlex Bohl, and Jessica Vernone respectively.

[via Super Punch and sactown]

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