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North Korean Propaganda Video Shows The White House In Their Crosshairs

As we edge closer toward a precipice from which, one fears, a trip and fall would be akin to a plummet toward irreparable damage and entirely regrettable consequences, it seems that neither the United States of America nor North Korea are willing to back down from the militarised pomp and bombast that has seen tensions between the two nations rise to startling levels.

President Trump has praised his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping for the way he is handling the defiant North Korea, describing the Chinese leader as a “very good man”. The move might have served to appease some of the many thousands who are currently living in a perennial state of anxiety on the Korean peninsula and beyond, had it not been followed up by Trump’s assertion that a “major, major conflict” was a very real possibility, as his frustrations with the obstinacy of Kim Jong-un’s regime continue to grow.

That intransigence, that appears to be spawned mainly from Pyongyang’s reluctance to abandon their ever-growing nuclear development program, has manifest itself in rather crude fashion in recent weeks, not least through the North’s propaganda videos that purport to show America in various states of destruction and disrepair following imagined North Korean offensives.

Just recently a video, shown during the country’s Day of Sun festival depicted a North Korean submarine firing a missile at an American city, causing mass damage and huge explosions, and now it seems that the White House itself is firmly in Kim Jong-un’s crosshairs.

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