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North Korea Just Threatened To ‘Wipe America Off The Face Of The Earth’

As the tensions between the United States of America and North Korea continue to rise, more disturbing rhetoric has been emanating from Pyongyang. There was an astonishing parade of military strength last weekend, that ostensibly displayed new long-range missiles, as well as tens of thousands of soldiers and vast array of weaponry. North Korea issued yet another defiant gesture toward the United States when it launched a missile in the hours succeeding the display, only for it to explode just moments after launch.

The act was described as a “provocation” by Mike Pence, who landed in South Korea for a 10 day tour, during which he has repeatedly reaffirmed the United States’ alliance with the South against a North Korean regime that appears to be psyching itself up for a major conflict.

Then a propaganda video shown during the Day of Sun festival – a holiday in celebration of Kim Jong-Un’s grandfather – depicted a submarine launching a missile at an American city, wreaking havoc and destruction. It’s thought that the video was another attempt to exhibit the size and strength of the North Korean military.

As if all of that wasn’t enough to be worried about, new reports published by state media in the North warn that the country will not remain a “passive onlooker” in the face of the prospect of military action against them, as well as making some extraordinary allegations against the United States.

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