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North Korea Have Attempted To Launch A Missile But It Failed Miserably

On Saturday, North Korea performed what appeared to be a formidable display of its military strength and array of new weaponry at a huge parade – perceived by many as a clear message of defiance sent to the United States of America – just as a group US aircraft carriers is directed towards the vicinity of North Korea.

The rhetoric emanating from Pyongyang is a major cause for concern for the United States, whose actions were described as “military hysteria” by North Korea, which also warned its counterparts in the West that it was prepared to undertake the “toughest” actions if the US does not temper its military strategy in the region. All of this comes as speculation increases that North Korea is preparing to carry out a sixth nuclear test, in defiance of sanctions from several countries and international bodies.

In a startling display in the country’s capital, tens of thousands of soldiers and a variety of military vehicles flooded Kim Il-sung Square in celebration of the birthday of Kim Il-sung. It is unknown just how much of the weaponry that was on show during the parade is operational, and some experts have cast doubt over the claims that missiles with the range to reach the United States are close to completion.

“North Korea has a habit of showing off new concepts in parades before they ever test or launch them,” explains Melissa Hanham, a senior researcher at Middlebury Institute of International Studies in California, “It is still early days for these designs.”

Just hours after the parade, though, South Korea and United States military officials reported that North Korea had launched a missile, only for it to fail by detonating too soon. The United States claims that the missile detonated just seconds after it was launched.

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