Nintendo Switch: Do We Want This Cute Puppy Version More Than the Console Itself? (No, but It's Close)

Last week, the Nintendo Switch was unveiled, and while the idea of buying Super Mario 64 for, like, the 14th time is less than appealing, the half-portable, half-home console is exciting. This is a new console being launched with new features! We’re going to play video games in a different way! Compare that with the announcements of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, which basically promised us the ability to play the same games we’ve been playing since the Playstation 2 with, sure, a few new minor features.

nintendo switch puppy ps4 announcements
“Did we put a light on this bad boy? YOU DAMN RIGHT WE DID. WE ARE THE NEW KINGS OF INNOVATION.”
*Motörhead’s “King of Kings” plays so loud everyone in the audience dies*


And while the Switch seems to be chock-full of interesting new features, maybe the best is the fact that, in one of its 4500 different configurations, its new controller looks like a cute dog.

nitendo switch puppy controller
This is the first controller I’ve wanted to hold and give little kisses to for forever (sorry Dreamcast controller what we had wasn’t real).

And as anyone who’s ever felt a feeling will tell you, cute dogs are better than pretty much anything. That’s why plushie-maker AnnaTheRed‘s Switch puppy stuffed animal is making us question a lot of things. I mean, before the plushie’s image started making the rounds, it was unthinkable that there could be something in this world I’d want more than the Nintendo Switch.

Now I don’t know if I’d rather cuddle up with this pure embodiment of love or play Skyrim on a plane.

Thankfully, I don’t have to choose between the Switch puppy and the Switch itself, mainly because AnnaTheRed hasn’t made the Switch puppies available to buy. That means I get to be stoked for the Switch guilt-free, and thank god — I can hardly contain my excitement at the idea of getting new Nintendo games that are playable both on my glorious HDTV and in the fort I make myself out of pillows and sheets when I get too anxious about my life and have to hide from the rest of the world.

switch puppy fort
Used to be that, if I wanted to play Zelda, I had to be ready to confront the student loan collectors that are now legally allowed to live in my house until I’m out of default.


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