Nintendo Reveals 'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild': It's Different, and Change Is Scary

Today during their E3 Treehouse live-stream, Nintendo pulled the curtain back completely on its long-gestating open-world Zelda game and showed that everything we know about Zelda is about to change. And as you know if you were ever sat down by your parents and told to look on the bright side (that the divorce means you get to have two Christmases), change can be all kinds of scary. Take a look at the trailer — which reveals the game’s new subtitle, Breath of the Wild — right here, and decide for yourself if you’re ready for such a different Zelda:

We open with some kind of fairy voice going “open your eyes”, and already we’re off on a different direction for Zelda — this game’s got voice-over now? Every other Zelda saw characters communicating in text boxes. If Nintendo was going to add in sound effects during dialogue exchanges, I figured they’d ease into it with a half-measure, like the horrifying gurgling of Banjo-Kazooie:

This is how people talk when they’re drowning.

But Zelda is far from the only video game franchise that’s looking different — like a class of 8th graders, the entire video game industry is going through changes. From Resident Evil VII: Biohazard to Gears of War 4 to Final Fantasy XV to Mass Effect: Andromeda to God of War, seemingly every video game franchise is introducing its reboot at E3. Will these changes be as positive as they were for my middle school friend Pat Coleman, who grew into his body and got a totally sick new deep voice? Or will the changes be as negative as they were for me, when I got braces and an extremely uneven pimple distribution? (Anyone can survive a little acne, but when your entire forehead looks like the cheese of a pizza in the microwave for too long, well, let’s just say the 8th grade dance wasn’t as fun for me as it was for Pat Coleman.)


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