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Nikki Bella And John Cena Got Naked For Their Followers And People Are Loving It

Typically, witnessing a celebrity in the nude is neither a planned nor warranted privilege thanks to intrusive paparazzi and anonymously leaked footage (unless you’re Kim Kardashian, of course). However, when some of TV’s most infamous stars voluntarily strip down to their birthday suits for the pure enjoyment of their fans, it’s an even more memorable experience.

Recently, the newly engaged Nikki Bella And John Cena went full frontal for the world to see and it’s honestly almost too much to handle. *Fans self*

Nikki Bella made a promise to her fans that if she reached 500K followers on YouTube she would get naked with her fiancé on camera.

923553 2 Nikki Bella And John Cena Got Naked For Their Followers And People Are Loving It

This promise of a nude Bella twin standing next to an equally naked John Cena was, unsurprisingly, more than enough inspiration for her followers.

Fans held up their end of the bargain so it was time for Bella to hold up hers, but Cena was a little reluctant.

Come on now. Being naked is always a good idea.

Of course, he couldn’t really say no to Nikki.

You tell him, Nikki!

Then, it was time for some hilarious naked dancing…

Can we join? Please.

Until John ripped one right in Nikki’s face.

Ewwww. Apparently, it was pretty gnarly. “What, did you eat someone else’s fart,” Bella asked disgusted.

You know, just couple things.

And Nikki left him alone and embarrassed in front of the camera.

Poor John.

Check out the full hilarious video below:

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