Nick Jonas Admits He's the Reason the Jonas Brothers Split

Well, the cat is out of the bag! If you’re still lamenting the demise of the Jonas Brothers, who ended their musical terrorism in 2013 (I KID!) it probably didn’t help that no one knew why. Sure, we heard vague reasons for the split, including the least hot Jonas, Kevin, saying, “I think it was time, and for us it took some time getting there, but we feel like it’s time that the Jonas Brothers come to an end.” (Um, okay.)

Nick would admit to starting the convo that led them down the break up path. “In a nutshell, I said, ‘Look, I feel like we’ve had some complications within the group for a long time without addressing them. I think this train will fall off the tracks without really getting real about some of the concerns and some of the limitations that we may feel as individuals in the group.'”

But it turns out Nick did more than just start the ball rolling — he’s pretty much the whole reason the breakup happened. (I mean, come on. We didn’t think Kevin would want to end it, did we?) Here’s what Nick had to say on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live: (sorry for the auto-play)

Obviously it was a tough decision that caused a bit of dismay for some family members, but they worked it out and are still close, according to Nick. “We’re good now. I have a beautiful niece. My brother has a family. Joe’s band DNCE is doing very well. It’s good for everybody and it’s good that it happened because I think we all grew from it, but it was very challenging for a little while.”

More importantly though, we found out about some of Nick’s sexual kinks on the show (and no, they don’t involve purity rings). The single Jonas said he’s dating and exploring, but also talked about some real personal things, including his love of being spanked. Oh man, is your childhood ruined yet?

Check out more of Nick’s sex talk below:

Is it hot in here or is it just me?

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