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New York-based artist Joshua Allen Harris used tape and plastic…

New York-based artist Joshua Allen Harris used tape and plastic shopping and garbage bags, carefully positioned atop subway grates, to create awesome works of inflatable ephemeral art. Each piece appears to be little more than litter until wind rushes up out of the grate, inflating the bags and thus giving momentary life to Joshua’s plastic creatures. He began with a white bear, and then graduated to gorillas, giraffes:

 …a sea serpent and even centaurs and minotaurs:

We strongly recommend spending some time at Joshua Allen Harris’ Youtube channel where you’ll find numerous videos of his inflatable art coming to life on the streets of New York. Still photos of these pieces are all well and good, but watching them rise up and take shape and then seeing passersby react to them is really something special.

[via Trendland and Wooster Collective]

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