New Animal Skull Miniatures From Fire & Bone

Fire & Bone

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Fire & Bone, makers of true-to-life miniature animal skull reproductions, have launched their fourth Kickstarter collection.

Fire & Bone

Every Fire & Bone piece began life as a real animal skull which they 3D scan, 3D print, and then cast in solid bronze or silver. They make beautiful pendants and are perfect for your tiny museum or oddity shelf because they’re incredibly detailed and can be worn or displayed on an optional collectors base.

The newest collection contains eight amazing new species, including Wolverine and Ibis. And, for the first time, they’re offering three of their skulls in larger 3D printed versions.

Fire & Bone

The Fire & Bone catalog contains over 35 animal species to choose from, including Dire Wolf, Velociraptor, Raven, and their fourth Kickstarter campaign is currently live. You can learn more about their process and purchase one of the new skulls for your favorite naturalist, miniature collector, or animal lover by checking out their campaign or visiting their website.

Fire & Bone

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