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Netflix's rendition of Singapore's National Day song 'Home' is pure guilty pleasure


SINGAPORE — We’re feeling extremely special this year and it’s not even our birthdays.

For the island state’s 51st birthday which falls on Aug. 9, we were first treated to a sweet cover of the classic National Day song Home, by local a capella group Apex Project. But they’re not the only one who’s got tricks up their sleeves.

A day before the celebrations, Netflix released its own rendition of Home, and it was performed by some of our favourite TV characters such as Jessica Jones, Frank Underwood and Kimmy Schimdt.

Thanks to some mad editing skills, Netflix managed to recreate the performance by intercutting scenes from Netflix Originals shows. So even if the final result was kinda choppy (as expected), it was still fun to watch and sing along to. Read more…

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