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Netflix Puts Worrying Rumors About ‘The Office’ To Rest With One Perfect Tweet

Every now and then, TV shows and movies that have been on Netflix for some time are taken down and replaced with newer, fresher content, presumably to keep the streaming service from becoming stagnant and to encourage its millions of users to engage with new shows that might one day become their firm favourites.

Some shows, though, attract such a level of devotion that the notion of them being taken off Netflix is simply too much to bear for users; it would, for example, take a television show close to perfection to assuage my doubts if the many wonderful seasons of Suits were ever taken off the streaming service.

Well, recently, fans were confronted with some rather troubling rumours, and, somewhat predictably, went into complete and utter meltdown on Twitter, directing their tweets of dismay and outrage at the Netflix page in droves. A moments pause, please, for the poor soul trying to mollify the incandescent fans of The Office (US Version) that, it was rumoured, would soon be taken down from the streaming service.

Virtual tears were shed, imaginary toys thrown out of the internet’s pram. It seemed to all Office lovers something of a Doomsday – what, they may well have thought, could possibly replace our hours of blissful binging?

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