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Nebraska-based artist Cindy Chinn (previously featured here)…

Nebraska-based artist Cindy Chinn (previously featured here) continues to amaze the Department of Phenomenal Pencil Art, this time with an awesome carving of a family of elephants emerging from the trees to stride across the savannah, all cared from a single pencil.

“The design started out simple, an Elephant with a foil stamped logo. Then I got carried away… after looking at reference I decided that I needed to carve a family of elephants walking across the Serengeti, because carving just one elephant wasn’t challenging enough! So I stopped keeping track of the hours… but it took a few days.”

This outstanding work of miniature art was commissioned by the Epiphany Elephant Museum. Visit Cindy Chinn’s Etsy shop and follow her on Facebook to check out more of her amazing pencil carvings.


[via Bored Panda]

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