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Nasa Reveals Plans To Put Humans On Mars

It has long been a preoccupation of human kind to muse over the scant possibility that there could be life on Mars, that remote, fascinating red planet that has captured the imaginations of artists, musicians and scientists alike over the years.

The notion that there could be other forms of life out there, floating somewhere in the cosmos far away from of our humble planet Earth is a seductive one, however ocular proof of such phenomena has never been forthcoming and the general consensus seems to be that no one knows for sure whether or not we are the only forms of advanced life in existence.

With existential threats to our own way of life here on Earth becoming a very real cause for concern as questions surrounding the sustainability of our environment in the face of the considerable damage humanity has casually inflicted over the years of industrial revolution and fuel emissions, it has been considered that for our species to survive, it might one day be necessary to colonise an alternative planet.

It wasn’t long ago that the visionary Elon Musk outlined his ambition for human kind to inhabit Mars – he has estimated that his company SpaceX could begin conducting manned missions to Mars as soon as 2022.

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