MyElementals, Adorably Illustrated Creatures Who Embody the Elements of the Periodic Table

Brooklyn photographer and illustrator Sebastian Arguello has created “MyElementals” a wonderfully illustrated series that explores the Periodic Table with adorable little creatures that each embody their own element. The story starts with a hardworking scientist who was working late in the lab when lightning from a heavy thunderstorm knocked out the lights.

How it all began – The time is 3 am. It was my research of liquid densities that kept me late in my laboratory that night. The thunderstorm outside shook the large glass wall from its mullions surrounding me with abrupt moments of sound. The intense flashes of light reflected brilliant colors in the beakers littering the tables behind me against the plain white walls that seams to go extend higher and higher with every flicker of light. …I squinted around to asses the damage, only to hear funny, gargling sounds coming from the tiny slide in my microscope. I cautiously peered inside the eyepiece. Fiddling with the knobs, I tried to focus onto the slide to assure that my control sample was not contaminated. Just then I witnessed the strangest thing moving around in the liquid. …Three little beings with somewhat humanoid faces were playing, spinning, and dancing around each other as if magically connected together.

A video posted by MyElementals (@myelementals) on Oct 28, 2016 at 9:23am PDT

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