My 7 Favorite Creatures from 'Gravity Falls'

Gravity Falls was a modern classic with a continuity and mythology all its own, which is still a pretty new concept (in America at least). Gravity Falls had some amazing creatures and otherworldly threats, and so we’re going to count down our favorites.


In an odd parody of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Mabel has to cut a unicorn’s hair, and finds herself taken in by their weird fragile beauty (only to find out it was a con). Gravity Falls dealt with a variety of monsters, not just the terrifying, and the unicorns were a great example.

The Multi-Bear

Dipper must face The Multi-Bear in order to become a man in the eyes of the Minotaurs, but he soon finds out the bear likes ABBA (here called Babba) just like as much as he does! Dipper can’t kill a fellow Swedish supergroup fan! All that, and the Multi-Bear has a GREAT design.

Rumble McSkirmish

As an eternal Street Fighter fan, I loved Rumble McSkirmish, a video game fighter Dipper tricked into fighting bullies for him he would later be forced to fight himself. Rumble was a great use of the fighting game genre in a (slightly) more grounded context.

The Summerween Trickster

The Summerween Trickster is a terrifying creature who is made out of “loser candy” — the bad candy kids throw away after going trick-or-treating. For being made out of chocolate and regret, The Summerween Trickster of course deserves a place on this list.

The Love God

Seeing as he’s a giant gross guy who forces people to fall in love, how can you not adore The Love God? Gravity Falls always did a great job developing Mabel monsters, who often had her more caring instinct at the heart of their threats, and Mabel and the Love God made people who shouldn’t fall in love, fall in love.

The Gnomes

The Gnomes were the first creatures we saw in Gravity Falls, and they ended up becoming an important ally in the final episodes. As for this clip, I’m excited a bunch of gnomes banded together to pretend to be that creature’s tongue.

Bill Cipher

The ultimate Gravity Falls creature — the pyramid from the back of money wearing a hat. Bill Cipher worked to spread chaos for the sake of chaos, and was ultimately the main villain of Gravity Falls. God bless ye, Mr. Cipher. God bless.

Any great Gravity Falls creatures I missed? Let me know on Twitter at @AlexFirer!

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