More Than 65 Million Tumblr Accounts Hacked

Myspace, LinkedIn, and Tumblr — like Sega before them — have been hit by a major security breach. Hundreds of millions of user emails and passwords were hacked and have now been put up for sale on the darknet. So it’s that fun time of year where YOU BETTER CHANGE THOSE PASSWORDS, KIDS!

He’s got you now, MichaelBubleLover1536.

Tumblr has said that the hacking of their database happened back in 2013, but they never disclosed how huge of a leak it was until now. Turns out, at least 65 million accounts were affected, with the email addresses and passwords of those users now up for sale on the darknet marketplace known as “The Real Deal” for $150. Luckily for affected users, the passwords that were compromised had been salted and hashed before the hack (meaning the company added random characters to the passwords before converting them into a string of digits and recording them to their database). That means it’ll be much harder to expose the real passwords. However, users can still fall victim to phishing attacks by online scammers.

Translation: Check to see if your Tumblr account was compromised in the attack here, and then change your password either way, just to be safe! Also, be on the lookout for phishing attacks in the coming weeks. (Well, always be on the lookout for those, but be EXTRA lookout-y if you were affected by the security breach).

This article wasn’t very fun, so to reward you for being responsible about changing your passwords, here’s a compilation of funny Tumblr posts someone made:

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