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Mom’s Identical Twins Won’t Stop Eating, Then Doctor’s Tell Her This…

What do you think when you see a morbidly obese child? That they’re just lazy couch potatoes? That their parents have neglected their health? We tend to see childhood obesity as a shortcoming of the parents. They are the ones, after all, that control what kind of food is bought into the house. They rule the roost!

Yet while there is undeniably a link between overeating and obesity, other factors can play a part, factors that a lot of people tend to ignore. I don’t just mean things like comfort eating, which is something that affects a lot of people at some point in their lives. Eating something we enjoy, releases endorphins so it makes sense that in times of sadness, we would want to relieve some of our distress. Comfort eating is something that is understandable and relatable to people. However, a rare condition which drove two young boys to eat dangerous amounts of food, is something that a lot of people cannot get their heads around…

A Story Of Two Boys Who Couldn’t Stop Eating

When a specialist looked into the case of two 12-year-old twin boys called Stevie and Eddie, it was clear that their food addiction couldn’t be explained away by a simple “people are addicted to the release of endorphins” argument. And despite what people may think of parents with obese children, the boys’ mother, Dianna, did everything she could to put an end their problematic eating habits. The fact remained, however, that they had a very real and problematic addiction to food…

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