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Mom-Of-Six Struggles To Raise Her Children In House, But Then It Is Transformed…

Imagine having the picture-perfect family – you, your loving husband and your lively and animated children. Imagine the sheer joy you feel when you start an ambitious yet achievable project with your other half that will ultimately lead to life in a brand new home for the entire family. That’s exactly how it was for Estelle Barnes-Summers and her family, in 2014.

However, just two years later, the very notion of a dream home, a new beginning and all the rest of it, was completely crushed. Something so earth-shatteringly tragic had happened – there was no way that the project could be finalized now, or at least that’s what Estelle thought…

1. The American Dream

2014 was a very special year for Estelle Barnes-Summers, her husband, Elijah Summers and their six kids. Aside from being the happy and loving family that they were, they had something new to celebrate. Nope not a seventh kid, but who knows, maybe that would have been on the cards, somewhere down the line. The vision they had of starting a new chapter in a brand new house was no longer a pipe dream. They had now bought a new home in Detroit, Michigan! They saw so much potential in this new house – especially for their kids! They wanted to mark the home as their own and planned to completely renovate and overhaul it.

NEXT: What happened that completely shattered the family’s hopes for a new beginning?

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