Mom Forbids Her Kids From Using Screens, Seven Months Later They Show The Positive Effects In This Pic

One of the coziest and comfiest things that you can do is spend all of Saturday morning cuddled up in bed, reading books with your family. The only way things could be better if reading time is followed by a full English breakfast (make the bacon extra crispy), a pot of Earl Grey tea, and a walk in the local park to feed the ducks.

Mother, writer, and blogger Molly DeFrank found out firsthand that limiting the time her kids spend glued to phone, TV, and computer screens has plenty of upsides. She posted an honest, wholesome, and unstaged photo of her family reading books in bed one Saturday morning. It’s so heartwarming that we couldn’t help but smile.

Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with Dr. Liz Donner about limiting the time that kids spend in front of the screen.

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Molly DeFrank captured a wholesome photo of her kids reading in bed

Image credits: Molly DeFrank

She explained that ‘pulling the plug’ on sitting in front of phone, TV, and computer screens had amazing effects for her munchkins

Some of the benefits of reducing screen time include improved creativity, more vivid imaginations, revived curiosity about the world, soaring academic performances, better sleep, more happiness, and better attitudes. And the best part? Limiting screen time and doing a tech-detox is far easier than it sounds. We adults could also benefit from taking a longer break from screens, wouldn’t you agree?

“I’d say the biggest challenge when it comes to limiting screen time is finding something else to replace it. A screen is very captivating and can keep a child entertained for hours while their parents are busy getting other things done. Many parents allow free reign because they feel that the screen is harmless or even educational for their child’s developing brain,” Dr. Donner explained to Bored Panda.

She continued: “Limiting screen time increases the amount of valuable real-life skill development. Kids require actual human interaction to enhance their social skills and even motor development. They need to learn to understand real human facial expression, body language, tone of voice, and reciprocal communication skills.”

“Screen-free interaction with your children doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Reading a book to them as early at 6 months of age has shown to increase their language and reading skills later in life. Hands-on play time will teach them social interaction and motor skills that are essential to their healthy development. Lastly, we find that less screen time in the toddler years corresponds to lower rates of ADHD by the age of 7.”

DeFrank’s kids found it hard to deal with the tech detox at first, but quickly adjusted

Image credits: Molly DeFrank

“My kids love all of the screens. But the screens do not love my kids back. It turns out that screens were doing to my children exactly what the studies claimed they were doing: cultivating distracted, grumpy and argumentative little people. Not what I want for my babies who I love more than life,” DeFrank wrote in her blog.

“I knew screens were having a negative impact on my kids, even though we only allowed an hour a day. One day when I got home after running errands, my kindergartener greeted me at the door with, “Can I play on your phone?” Nope. That was the last straw. My husband and I decided that we needed a course correction, ASAP.”

The mother and writer suggests that we all try limiting screen time

Image credits: Molly DeFrank

She continued: “So we told the kids at dinner that screens were no longer an option in our home. After the weeping and gnashing of teeth subsided, guess what? Everyone moved on. What started as a thirty day screen detox has become a lifestyle overhaul in our home of five children under the age of ten. Quitting was shockingly easy, surprisingly sustainable, and my nine year old daughter has told me on several occasions that she’s glad we’ve cut them out.”

Dear Pandas, have you taken a break from using technology? Have you ever done a complete tech-detox for a long period of time? Do you limit the time you spend in front of phone, TV, and computer screens in your everyday life? Do you have any advice on how to rest from using technology for those of us who work with computers all day long? We’d love to hear your thoughts and advice, so drop us a line in the comments!

Other people chimed in with their own stories of reducing their kids’ access to technology

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