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Model Shares Image Of Cellulite With The World To Promote Body Positivity

British model Charli Howard is not afraid to tackle the big issues that plague the fashion industry. Howard’s Instagram feed is absolutely jam-packed with body-positive messages, sexy selfies, and an unashamed ability to tell it like it is.

Howard, 26, now works as a plus size model in New York City, and uses her huge social media presence to spread her inspiring message. Namely: don’t be ashamed of your body, whatever size it happens to be. Bets of all, it would appear that people around the world really are listening to her, if her 54,400 Instagram followers are anything to go by.

Howard first made headlines for her body positive attitude back in 2105 when she penned an open letter to the fashion industry. The letter said things such as: “I will no longer allow you to dictate to me what’s wrong with my looks and what I need to change in order to be ‘beautiful’ (like losing one inch off my hips), in the hope it might force you to find me work,” and “I refuse to feel ashamed and upset on a daily basis for not meeting your ridiculous, unobtainable beauty standards.”

Now Howard’s back at it again, and this time it’s with an incredibly personal Instagram post about her experiences tackling society’s outdated attitude towards cellulite. Along with her caption, Howard also included an up-close and personal image of her own thighs in order to really hammer the point home.

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