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MMA Fighter Chokes Referee Following Lightning Knockout

Over the past couple of decades, mixed martial arts have exploded in popularity. With stars such as Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva dominating the Octagon in recent times, the UFC in particular have begun to compare favourably to boxing in the wider consciousness, as shown by lightweight title holder Conor McGregor’s upcoming fight against undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. MMA has a wider reach than just the UFC though, and in one of the lesser-known championships, at KOP45, something quite extraordinary happened.

The main difference between boxing and mixed martial arts is that while boxers are limited to punches, MMA fighters can also employ a host of kicks, holds and chokes to dispatch their opponents. In Grand Rapids in Michigan, the 45th edition of the KnockOut Promotions fighting championship took place on 17 March. Joseph Nehm went head-to-head with Ryse Brink, but the most devastating attack in the bout was accidentally performed on the referee.

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