milliDelta, A Small Origami-Inspired Robot Developed at Harvard That is Super Fast and Precise

Harvard's milliDelta is an Extremely Small Robot That is Super Fast and Precise

Researchers at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS has developed a millimeter-scale origami-inspired delta robot, called the milliDelta, that is extremely small (the size of a penny), fast, and precise.

Delta Robots are comprised of three articulating arms connected to an output stage. They are extremely precise and agile, and can be used for “pick & place” and 3D Printing. Researchers at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS have developed a millimeter-scale delta robot, the “milliDelta.” Possible applications at this scale include microassembly, micromanipulation, and tremor cancellation in microsurgery. Our design is powered by three independently controlled piezoelectric bending actuators. (read more)

ABB Robotics posted footage of standard delta robots picking and packing salami snacks.

via The Verge

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