Microsoft Is Releasing a Million Unused Xbox Live Gamertags Today: Change Your Xbox Name While You Can, SnotSucker69!

Imagine yourself as a little kid — let’s give you a nice gender-neutral name like, uh, Jessie — and your very first video game console is the Xbox One. And you’re not ashamed of your identity, so you want your gamertag to be simple — just “Jessie”. But since everyone’s carrying their gamertag over from the OG Xbox and the Xbox 360 generations, there are two entire console generations of players who’ve had dibs before you. Do you think “Jessie” is gonna be available? Of course not! How about “Jessie01”? Nope. “Jessie001”? Negative. “Jessie0645”? Still no. “JessieDaWarrior”? Nah uh. “JessieDuhWarriuh”? Gone. You see, this is how we end up with awkward names like “JessiexxBatsxxBelfryxx420”.

xbox live gamertags 420
lol jk there aren’t any gamertags left that end in 420.

But maybe there’s hope! Microsoft has announced that, as of 11 AM PST today, it will release one million currently unused gamertags into the wild. Xbox users will be able to change their gamertags to these newly available handles only if they’ve been subscribed to Xbox Live Gold for over a year. Also, they’ll be rolled out throughout the day, so more players will have a chance to grab one of the new handles than they would’ve if they’d all been released in one big dump.

microsoft xboxxbox live gamertags fable legends
AsFable Legends‘ cancellation shows, Microsoft’s learned its lesson about releasing big dumps.

So what kind of names will be made available? According to Microsoft’s Major Nelson, Xbox Live members will gain access to gamertags using “proper names, pop culture references (entertainment, sports, gaming), types of food, geography and travel, science and technology, math and numbers, animals” and, most interesting of all, “some of the greatest inventions of all time”.

xbox live gamertag printing press
I’m hoping to snag “ThePrintingPress420”.

What gamertag are you hoping becomes available?

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xbox live gamertags 420
microsoft xboxxbox live gamertags fable legends
xbox live gamertag printing press

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