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Mermaid maternity photos are the new Instagram trend that’s here to become ‘part of your world’

Maternity photoshoots are meant to be majestic and mystical — which is why they are so often done completely nude, I suppose. Fortunately for the more unorthodox pregnant women out there, you can achieve this level of etherealness without going the standard naked route.

Recently, Instagram has been overtaken by the nautical trend of pregnant women posing as mermaids for their maternity photos. (Which, considering giving birth is just as otherworldly as having a fish tail, makes some kind of perfect sense.)

Welcome to the Maternity Mermaid trend. It’s here to allow pregnant women everywhere the opportunity to live out their wildest fantasies of having mer-babies!

Though the trend is somewhat inexplicable, it’s clear that these mythical-themed shoots are definitely experiencing a surge in popularity on Instagram. (Although Instagram has not officially confirmed this.)

How does one achieve a maternity mermaid shoot, you ask? Well, it’s fairly simple. All you need are some scenic beach views, some well-placed flower leis, a bikini top, and a swimmable, slip-on mermaid tail. In some cases, however, photographers seem to actually be willing to Photoshop a mermaid tail onto your body — so obtaining a “tail” might actually be a moot point.

So regal. So siren-like.

And, once your little one is born, the nautical shenanigans don’t stop there — you can even do a mermaid-themed shoot for your baby. (Which is almost too cute to even be legal.)

Just be careful — one taste of life as a serene mermaid could very well cause you to start singing like Ariel and brushing your hair with a fork. You may never want to go back to life as a boring old human again.

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