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Melania Trump Reveals Details About Her Sex Life With Donald In Interview From 1999

Audio from an old radio Donald Trump interview has resurfaced. The interview took place on November 9th, 1999 and features Trump and his then-girlfriend Melania having quite an interesting chat with controversial radio host Howard Stern.  It’s might leave you looking like this guy:

At the start of the clip, we hear Donald chatting away with Howard who jokingly calls him President Trump – a term that has now proved to be prophetic, albeit accidentally. However, things get a bit strange when Howard asks Melania to join the conversation. To give you a sense of their conversation, Howard starts off with this: “Let me talk to that broad in your bed”.

He then goes on about how “hot” Melania is, asks what she’s wearing and then jokes about taking his pants off.  The conversation then moved on to how frequently Melania and Donald had sex, whether or not she ever took money from his wallet as well as regular comments and questions about Melania’s looks. There was even a random tangent about Monica Lewinsky.

Yes, all this happened live on air. Listen to the interview to hear the odd exchange below.


They are certainly right about this not being an average interview, and certainly not your average interview with a politician. If there’s anything this video might suggest, it’s that you never know where life leads. Stern probably had no idea the “hot” lady with the “nice chest” was the future First Lady of the United States and, quite probably, neither did she.


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