'Mega Man' Has A New 'Anime' Look For His New Animated Series

Do you have one of those friends who’s just always hustling? They’re never without some new money-making scheme, from renting out their sofas to turning over used hospital equipment for a profit to selling their snuggles. Capcom is like that friend if they were a video game developer. Since the beginning, Capcom’s been tryin’ everything they can to move units. Super Double Mega Street Fighter II: Championship Edition? Put it out two weeks after Street Fighter II! Resident Evil: Gun Survivor Double-Grind Chronicles HD Remaster Starring James Spader From NBC’s The Blacklist? You know they’re gonna release it the day after they announce Resident Evil 7. And today, we’re seeing Capcom’s latest flailing attempt to get us interested in their properties — an anime Mega Man.

mega man anime
*giant sweat drop appears on forehead*
*short circuits*


This manga-fied version of the Blue Bomber isn’t from a video game, though — it’ll appear in an animated series from Capcom, Dentsu Entertainment, and Man of Action Entertainment — the studio responsible for both Ben 10 and Generator Rex. The series won’t come out until 2017, but already, the internet has thoughts about it. Some people think the look is close enough to the video game Mega Man, while others can’t stand the idea of a side-scrolling shooter/ platformer being loaded with the faux-dramatic heft of an anime. But, like, a lot of anime have robots, right? And Mega Man is hunting down robots, who are like him. He has to take on the weight of exterminating his own culture. That’s pretty heavy.

mega man anime grave of the fireflies
It’s like Grave of the Fireflies, but with Mega Pellets.

So maybe we were a little harsh on Capcom. It wasn’t a desperate attempt to get out a new version of Mega Man. It’s just the artistic style of the animation studio they hired. Capcom knows we still love Mega Man, and they’re doing a great job of shepherding the brand. Looking out for it. Keeping its legacy safe. Why, here’s Mega Man’s most recent appearance, from Street Fighter x Tekken:

mega man anime fat
Mega Man Franchise



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mega man anime fat
mega man anime grave of the fireflies
mega man anime

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