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Meet Alfie the mustachioed Shire Cross horse, possibly the only…

Meet Alfie the mustachioed Shire Cross horse, possibly the only equine Movember participant. Alfie sports a handsome blond mustache on the end of his muzzle that measures an impressive seven inches long. Actually, that’s how long it was back in 2011, so it’s probably even longer now. His owners believe this splendid horsey ‘stache is the longest of its kind in Britain.

All horses have whiskers that help them judge the distance of food and other objects, but it’s not unusual for some breeds to grow mustaches. The funny thing about Alfie is that, while most mustachioed horses have their face fuzz trimmed every six months, Alfie absolutely refuses to part with his luxuriant whiskers. In fact, “his has been growing for five years and he is said to growl if stable hands try to give it a trim.”

“Alfie is kept at stables in Bitton, near Bristol, where stables manager Hayley Coxteth, 20, said: ‘He is a very headstrong horse and is very proud of his moustache. He is a real character. A few years ago it was really big and full but it now looks a little scraggy because it’s so long. It was bizarre when I first saw it and my first inkling was we need to shave it off. But he does not let you anywhere near it. You have to be very brave to try and tackle his curls.”

Hooray for Alfie and his awesome mustache! May those magnificent whiskers inspire future Movember participants, human and animal alike.


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