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Maps are awesome. What would you do if you found a 400-year-old…

Maps are awesome. What would you do if you found a 400-year-old map up your chimney? When an enormous 17th century map created by a well-known engraver was discovered by a homeowner crumpled up inside a chimney in Scotland, it was delivered to the National Library of Scotland.

“This is one of the most challenging tasks our conservation team has faced and they have done a terrific job,” National Librarian John Scally says in a statement. “Although significant sections of the map have been lost, the remainder has been cleaned and stabilized for future study and enjoyment.”

Filmmaker Trina Mckendrick filmed book and paper conservator Claire Thomson as she has painstakingly worked to restore the centuries-old map:

Head over to to learn more about this awesome undertaking.

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