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Man Becomes Father To Quadruplets, But From Two Different Women…

This couple had been together for years, and despite being very happy with one-another, they knew something was missing. One thing that they desperately wanted, but seemed to unable to get, was children. They had the perfect family house, they were the perfect couple, it was the perfect time for them both to start a proper family – but sadly, nature’s plans were different.

The Ohio couple, Annie and Joby, had been trying for a baby for five years, and nothing had worked. They had tried IVF (in vitro fertilization) twice and had worked hard to create an environment perfect for a baby. But they had had no luck. Until one day, their luck changed dramatically..

Why Couldn’t She Conceive?

After getting married in 2005, Annie Johnston and her husband Joby started their lives together in Lewis Center, Ohio, and after three years of wonderful marriage, they decided they wanted to try for children back in 2008. But it took them a lot longer than they had ever expected. For some reason, Annie just couldn’t conceive a baby, no matter how hard they tried.

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