Lepidoptera Obscuramoth, An Animated Illustration Series of Imaginary Moth and Butterfly Species

lepidoptera obscura

Lepidoptera Obscuramoth is a gorgeous series of animated illustrations, created by Finland artist Vladimir Stankovic, featuring imaginary moth and butterfly species. Vladimir shared more from the series on Behance, Flickr, and Instagram. Prints of his fantastic artwork are available to purchase on Etsy and Society6.

We previously wrote about Stankovic’s animated collection of mollusc, insect, and alien species.

Illustrations depicting various moth and butterfly species from the ‘lepidoptera obscura’ order. These “hidden butterflies” dwell in the most inaccessible areas of tropical rain forests and some even have the ability to become invisible, which is the reason of their obscurity from the science books. The illustrations show the stages of their life cycle – from the egg, caterpillar and cocoon form, to the fully-grown specimen.

lepidoptera obscura

lepidoptera obscura

lepidoptera obscura

lepidoptera obscura


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images via Vladimir Stankovic

via Colossal

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