LEGO + Cats = AwesomeWhether you wish you could have cats, but…

LEGO + Cats = Awesome

Whether you wish you could have cats, but can’t because of allergies or landlords or you’re just looking for any and all ways to get more and more cats, these LEGO-style cat statues from Hong-Kong-based company JEKCA are for you. Pepper your home with pixelated cat statues!

Although they don’t differentiate between breeds, JECKA offers a wide variety of cat colors and body positions. Plus you really do get to build your own kitties, one brick at a time. And JECKA states that the completed sculptures are very sturdy and “will not collapse or break apart.”

Visit JEKCA’s online shop to check out their cat kits as well as all sorts of other pixelated sculptures and follow them on Facebook to keep up with their latest creations.


[via My Modern Met and Bored Panda]

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