Laughing Squid Sticker Printer StickerGiant Sets Guinness World Record for Largest Ball of Stickers

In celebration of the very first National Sticker Day in 2016, John Fischer, the proprietor of StickerGiant, the wonderful company that prints our <a href=”http://Laughing%20Squid%20stickers,%20set%20the%20Guinness%20World%20Record%20for%20the%20“Largest%20ball%20of%20Stickers”%20ever%20made.%20The%20ball,%20affectionately named Saul, weighed in at over 231 pounds and could only be moved with rolling assistance.

John Fischer and his team at US company StickerGiant patiently created a 105.05 kg (231 lb 9.6 oz) ball out of around 200,000 stickers and labels, which has been verified as the world’s Largest ball of stickers in Longmont, Colorado. Weighing considerably more than the average adult male (64 kg/141 lbs), it’s so heavy that John has to use a forklift and wheeled wagon to move it around.’%20defer=’defer’ defer=’defer

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