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Kylie Jenner Goes To The Prom With Fan That Got Rejected By High Schooler

There’s nothing more stressful than the build-up to a school dance. If you were like me in high school (a perennially dateless wallflower), then the weeks preceding the school prom were an endurance round of horrible, blood-curdling anxiety. People would talk about it for weeks, rumours would circulate about who would take whom, with girls and guys gossiping endlessly about the hottest guy or the prettiest girl.

I hated every minute of it. What made the entire ordeal even more awful was that the closer you got to prom without having secured yourself a date, the more anxious you became, and the harder you tried to make sure you didn’t end up going alone. When I was in school, I was rejected by no less than six girls in a row, before I managed to find myself a partner on the seventh try.

Suffice to say that being rejected so many of my high school crushes was a humiliating experience, and even now, those emotional wounds haven’t quite fully healed. Plus, people seemed to think of girl-on-boy rejection as being no big deal; to your friends, rejection was an inconvenience you could get over in a weekend, as opposed to something that could have a long-standing effect on your confidence with girls, not to mention your overall self esteem.

As much as the pain of teenage heartbreak stings, I bet that even the most angst-ridden teen boy would feel a lot better about getting rejected if he had the chance to take a gorgeous celebrity to prom instead. Someone beautiful and famous; one of the ladies from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, maybe? Sounds impossible; but that’s exactly what happened to one lucky guy this week, who ended up bagging himself the date of a lifetime with Kylie Jenner.

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