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Kylie Jenner Crashed A High School Prom And Nearly Gave A Bunch Of Teens A Heart Attack

It’s prom season, which means that this is the time of year when teens inevitably concoct elaborate and creative proposals to ask the celebrity of their choosing to the prom.

I will admit — I was always confused by this trend, considering that most celebrities would never stoop to attending a tacky high school prom at the behest of some random teenager, and every single celebrity promposal seemed like the most wishful of wishful thinking. But, it is now clear that I was wrong, and that, occasionally, asking a celebrity to prom can actually result in an A-list prom date.

Case in point: Kylie Jenner showed up to a high school prom over the weekend, sending hordes of excited teens into a selfie-taking frenzy.

Jenner was invited to the Rio Americano High School prom in Sacramento, California by student Albert Ochoa. Apparently, Ochoa’s classmate turned him down when he asked her to prom, and his subsequent efforts to get a new date went so viral that Kylie Jenner was somehow made aware of Ochoa’s dilemma. Being the benevolent teen ruler that she is, Jenner decided to step in as Ochoa’s date, surprising the entire student body at Rio Americano.

Ochoa’s sister, Selena, tweeted about the unexpected celebrity guest (which obviously merited an all-caps tweet).


I’m still somewhat unclear on why Jenner decided to indulge one of her fans in this manner, but I suppose it’s important to remember that Jenner never actually attended a public high school, and therefore never went to prom. It actually (sort of) makes sense why she might be curious to attend one of these arcane high school functions, even if she was invited by a random stranger.

Jenner also brought along her BFF, Jordyn Woods — because it’s not a celebrity entrance without an entourage!

The entire night, students tweeted out video snippets of Jenner dancing and socializing at their dance. (Side note: bringing along a professional cameraman is a bit much, even for you, Kylie.)

Well done, Kylie. You have now successfully ensured that The Teenz are indebted to you forever.

As for other high school students out there: remember that, although inviting a celebrity to your prom is definitely still a long shot, there is the tiniest sliver of a possibility that they will show up and make all of your dreams come true.

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