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Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Went On A Date Night, And Were So Excited That They Filmed It

Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard are constantly labeled as “couple goals,” due in part to the pair’s grounded perspective on relationships and their unending honesty. Oh, and they’re also really adorable together — that doesn’t hurt either.

Recently, the couple ventured out on the town, sans children, for a Broadway date night. The two got tickets to see Hamilton at the Richard Rogers Theater in New York, and made sure to document their date for those of us who are absurdly invested in the cuteness of their relationship.

Bell periodically updated her Instagram with videos throughout the evening of the couple’s Hamilton experience, and it’s abundantly clear that these two are revoltingly cute, even when they’re unscripted.

Bell’s first update includes showing off the couple’s choice snacks (chocolate-covered blueberries and what appears to be a Kit Kat or Twix bar), as well as bragging on her cute date. (When Bell says that she’s got “the cutest guy in town,” Shepard turns around and says “Where? Is Brad Pitt here?”)

The second installment of the date night occurs during the intermission, when Shepard confesses “I wish there was more singing,” as well as offering the helpful advice that the show should be renamed “‘Hamiltoe,’ because of the outfits.”

(I’ll be totally honest — I have no idea what this means. Maybe you have to actually see Hamilton in order to get the joke?)

Bell’s review was slightly more lengthy. She wrote in her Instagram caption that she “was moved to tears 5 different times. My ❤️  was singing the whole time. Every single performer was perfection. The band was divine. BRAVO to every hand involved.”

My review? I have no idea what to say about the musical, but I can say with certainty that I’m on board with Bell and Shepard documenting all future date nights, because it’s clear that pretty much all of their home videos are vastly entertaining.

Besides, how else are us poor rubes going to get the experience of watching a Broadway musical whose best seats run for close to $1,000 a pop?

What do you think?


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