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Kim Kardashian’s Doctor Goes On Savage Rant And Says Her Butt Is ‘Out Of Control’

This year just keeps on getting worse for the Kardashians.

It started off on a bad foot with Kendall Jenner’s much maligned and swiftly pulled Pepsi advert, which came under fire due to its apparently insensitive message. The commercial was perceived by many as a slight against the Black Lives Matter movement, after images depicted in the footage emerged bearing a striking similarity to a now famous image of Ieshia Evans standing down a vast police presence at a Black Lives Matter protest march.

Evans was subsequently arrested, whereas Jenner managed to make peace with a police officer by offering him a can of Pepsi in the tone-deaf commercial.

It was also reported this week that Khloe Kardashian is facing a lawsuit filed against her by Xpsure Photos, who allege that she posted the photo in September 2016, despite the fact that the image was licensed to the Daily Mail. It is further charged that the version of the photograph shared by the reality star had been edited to remove copyright information before being posted. Xposure is seeking $150,000 for “wilful, intentional and malicious” copyright infringement.

It also emerged last week that Kim Kardashian had lost up to 100,000 followers on Instagram after photographs of her surfaced that led some fans to believe that she has been airbrushing her images on the photo-sharing app.

The negative trend appears to be continuing as well, as Kim Kardashian’s own alleged cosmetic surgeon, Dr Aardon Rollins has gone on an astonishing tirade about the reality star’s famous derriere in the wake of those recent photos.

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