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Kid Crashes Weather Report Just To Fart And Toot Live On TV

It must be pretty stressful working on a live news channel. Live television is difficult enough as it is, but when it’s your job to educate and inform your viewers on the latest events, you’ve got a certain responsibility to be truthful and accurate. On top of that duty, live reporters are constantly being crashed by random passers-by trying to earn their 15 minutes of fame, like the weed Sasquatch that plagued Massachusetts for several days.

A newscaster faced with an awkward situation generally attempts to ignore the ridiculous scenario unfolding behind them. They can also break character, acknowledging the ludicrous, unpredictable nature of live TV. Patrick Ellis is a weatherman in Jackson, Mississippi, and while it’s his job to predict tomorrow’s weather, he did not forecast what was about to happen on his segment.

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