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Khloe Kardashian Is Being Sued For Posting A Selfie On Instagram

2017 hasn’t been the best of years for the Kardashian clan thus far.

The wildly famous family has found itself in hot water on more than one occasion this year, and although one could hardly claim that the popularity of the world’s most well-known family is waning, it does appear that the PR machine has turned perceptibly in the wrong direction for the sisters over the last several months.

First, and perhaps most notably, came the disastrous Pepsi advert, featuring Kendall Jenner, that was pulled soon after its release due to an apparently insensitive message. The commercial seemed to draw some alarming parallels to the Black Lives Matter movement as Jenner, who leaves a photoshoot in the advert’s story line to join a nearby protest movement, appears to end a standoff with police officers by handing one of the stoic law enforcement officials a can of Pepsi. After a brief, “Well, what d’you know” glance to a fellow officer, he cracks open the Pepsi to rapturous applause from the onlooking protesters.

More recently, it was reported that Kim Kardashian had lost up to 100,000 followers online after ostensibly un-airbrushed photos of the reality star surfaced online, apparently leading some fans to believe that she has been airbrushing her Instagram photos for years.

As if all that bad news wasn’t enough for the Kardashian/Jenner collective, a third sister, Khloe, has now found herself in hot water, and its all thanks to a photograph that she posted on her Instagram account.

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