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Ken Block Races His Ford Fiesta ST RX43 Through a Dirt Playground in Utah for Pennzoil’s ‘Terrakhana’

In Pennzoil synthetics‘ “Terrakhana,” rally driver Ken Block of Hoonigan Racing hops into his 600 horsepower Ford Fiesta ST RX43 and races through a dirt playground in Swing Arm City, Utah.

The terrain was extreme. The goal was pure domination. With Pennzoil synthetics under the hood, Ken Block was free to bring his vision of Terrakhana to life.

“Coming to Southern Utah in the summer is extremely tough on the equipment” said Ken Block. “For me to have Pennzoil as the lubricant inside the car, it gives me a lot of confidence that I may break something jumping it, or sliding through some of the turns but knowing that the engine and the oil protecting it is really rock solid is a big confidence boost for me.” (read more)


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