Just 8 Videos of Lava Destroying Everyday Items

Sometimes you just need to watch lava devour a household item, you know? There’s something so satisfying about molten hot lava devouring things at a safe distance. Luckily for us, some weirdos in Hawaii like to head out to their favorite active volcanoes and incinerate whatever they have on hand. And sometimes that lava comes to you. Here are eight sick-ass videos of lava destroying stuff.

1) Lava and a can of ravioli

2) Lava and a can of Spam

3) Lava and an iPhone 6S

4) Lava and a can of Coke

5) A lake of lava and a propane gas tank

6) Lava and a can of Monster energy drink

7) Lava and a small house

8) Lava and a medium-size house

I hope these videos have given you that cathartic feeling that can only come from watching super-heated liquid rock destroy what humans worked so hard to create. If I missed any great lava videos, please tweet me @erikaheidewald, because I need to watch all of them.

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