Jonah Hills Shares How He Got Beaten Up In High School And Why He Picked Up Jiu-Jitsu

Self-confidence is something that is way easier to talk about than to maintain. Most of us would assume that international fame, a successful career, and over 1 million Instagram followers are something that should help you fight off your insecurities. Yet, actor Jonah Hill recently opened up on his Instagram account about the insecurities that have not abandoned him since high school. In his emotional post, he revealed how his traumatic high school experience shaped his way of thinking, and how he’s willing to put his past behind him.

By now everyone knows the academy award nominated Jonah Hill, who is not just a great actor but also a talented director

Recently, he decided to open up on Instagram about his new passion for Jiu-Jitsu and how it helped him to fight his insecurities

People quickly jumped to support Jonah and his heartwarming message

H/T : Bored Panda

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