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Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids About The Meaning Of Easter And Their Responses Were Pure Gold

Easter Sunday is only a few days away and in typical Jimmy Kimmel fashion, the TV host took to the streets of Hollywood to ask a few adorable kiddos about the story behind this important holiday.

As you can imagine, most kids associate Easter with a giant bunny and a slew of candy treats including Peeps (gag), but not necessarily anything to do with Jesus. However, several of these interviewees had the most hilarious reasons as to why we celebrate every year and it will make your day.

Jimmy Kimmel asked kids about the meaning of Easter and their responses are too cute to handle.

Though, we can imagine several Sunday school teachers adamantly shaking their heads right now these kids really tried their best.

Some grasped the general concept.

While others talked about Jesus making bunnies…

And yet another child believed Jesus died from a drug overdose.

“How did he die?” the correspondent asked.

Yikes. Might be time for some serious confession.

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?

Happy Easter!

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