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Jessica of Pies Are Awesome recreated one of the most…

Jessica of Pies Are Awesome recreated one of the most jaw-dropping scenes from The Neverending Story as a glowing apple pie.

“Oracles crumbling, bullies prowling, a depressed horse drowning in quicksand, spooky wolf eyes peering out of a deep dark cave… so many big images to lodge in an impressionable seven-year-old brain for one lovable 80s flick! But the single moment that filled me with awe like no other since was hands down that first little glimmer of blue glow from the eyes of the Sphinx Gate… Chills!

Tip: The “laser beams” are made from crushed mints boiled to “hard crack” temperature with tonic water. It glows under black light! If you want perfectly clear beams you can use isomalt crystals rather than mints, but I suggest you add some peppermint extract to the mix to cut the natural bitterness of the quinine in the tonic.”

Watch Jessica’s tutorial video to see how she made this edible masterpiece:

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]

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