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Ja Rule’s Fyre Fest Was A Disaster But At Least The Memes Are Great

By now, you’ve probably heard about Fyre Fest, the incredibly expensive music festival in the Bahamas that ended up going down in flames. (If you don’t know about the disastrous festival, you can read more about it here).

While Fyre Fest has been a total disaster, there’s been one upside of the event’s failure: memes.

Originally, one of the event’s organizers, Ja Rule had big plans:

But… he ended up apologizing:


There were Dave Chappelle memes:

There were also some It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia memes:

Kendall Jenner, fresh off her Pepsi fiasco, had promoted the event before it all went to hell… and Twitter noticed:

A lot of people couldn’t help but enjoy the suffering of rich kids who thought going to the ultra-expensive festival was a good idea:

Some noted that going to the festival was a dumb idea even before it ended up in disaster:

A lot of people hilariously compared Ja Rule to a revolutionary:

There were puns too:

People were convinced that Ja Rule was an evil genius:

People hoped that Ja Rule could bring his reign of terror to other festivals as well:

A lot of people thought Ja Rule scammed people:

Though maybe he did warn us:

Other people have adjusted their expectations for the festival:

Photoshop was used:

And, of course, there were jokes using Ja Rule’s own lyrics against him:

There you have it, folks. Next time that Ja Rule asks you to go to anything, just ignore him and stay home and eat some Trix.

ja rule jokes are all i could ever need in this godforsaken hellhole 2 Ja Rules Fyre Fest Was A Disaster But At Least The Memes Are Great

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