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It’s official: these are the trendiest baby names right now

Nowadays, it seems as though every celebrity baby is due for a remarkably unique moniker — which is really just a nice way of saying that most famous kids have names that are utterly bonkers. However, it’s looking like the red carpet elite aren’t the only members of society who have developed a penchant for bestowing their kids with unusual names.

Nameberry recently released their most recent list of “The Hottest Trends in Baby Names,” and the modern trends might surprise a few people. (Read: me.) Here are some of the “hot” trends that are spiking on the baby name scale these days:

1. Names that start with “Ad”

According to Nameberry, “Adalynn is 31 times as popular now as it was in 2006, followed by Adaline which is 26 times as popular, Addilyn at 21 times, and Adley at 19 times.”

So, basically, the name “Advertisement” is going to be everywhere before you know it!

2. Names ending in “Lee”

If you named your kid Adley, Blakely or Henley, then you were way ahead of the curve.

“Paislee is the third hottest girls’ name, 31 times as popular now as it was a decade ago, while Brantley is the second hottest name for boys, 27 times more popular than it was in 2006,” Nameberry says.

3. Celebrity names and surnames

Popular celebrity first names names have always trended with each respective decade, so it should be no surprise that especially unique and iconic celebrity names are surging in popularity.

“The hottest celebrity baby names of this decade are Isla, as in Fisher, with a 27 times increase in popularity,” Nameberry says. “Leighton, as in Gossip Girl star Meester, up 20 times; Bristol, as in Palin, up 19 times; and Mila, as in Kunis, up 13 times.”

However, it seems that modern parents are also keen to capitalize on celebrity last names as well.

“Two celebrity surnames, Lennon and Monroe, are among the decade’s hottest names for girls, up 19 times and 13 times. Another name with a similar feel that’s also booming is Harper, though it was the first name of To Kill A Mockingbird author Harper Lee.”

4. “Superlative” names

According to Nameberry, any baby names leaning towards royalty and greatness are experiencing a resurgence — a move which seems decidedly narcissistic, and is not unlike Rob and Blac Chyna naming their baby Dream Kardashian.

“The name Legend is 18 times more popular for boys now than it was a decade ago, while Major and King are each up 12 times, with Kingston and Kingsley on the hottest list too.”

And don’t worry: little girls are just as likely to get aristocratic names as well.

“Girls are great too, with Royalty, the hottest girls’ name of 2016, up 58 times over its 2006 numbers, and Reign up 13 times.”

Part of me has to admire this evident parental creativity when it comes to the names of modern newborns. That said, another part of me has to wonder: when the hell did names like Ashley and Dylan go out of style?

At least it makes the first day of Kindergarten that much more interesting!

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