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It’s never too soon to share another story about an awesome cat…

It’s never too soon to share another story about an awesome cat who does exactly what they want to do. Meet Campus Cat, a handsome, outgoing, and very affectionate ginger cat who makes daily visits to the University of Augsburg in southern Germany.

Every day Campus Cat visits with students all over campus, helping them take their minds off the stresses of classwork and exams by cuddling with them and simply being a friendly, calming presence.

“Caring about the students is the main goal of the Campus cat besides sleeping, sleeping, sleeping,” Andreas, Campus Cat Secretary, told Bored Panda. “Also the cat walks all around the campus to really see all students from every faculty. A lot of students say Campus Cat helps to relax or chill before tests, papers, exams.” The ginger is always there. And he has a home, too, and is well cared for! He just really wants to take some pressure off the students’ chests. Good kitty!

Follow the Campus Cat on Instagram or his Facebook page for more photos and videos of this friendly feline.


[via Bored Panda]

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