It's Morphin' Time for 'Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Who Will Play Zordon in the 'Power Rangers' Movie

Our long national nightmare of not knowing which bald-headed pop culture icon will be played by Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston is over. Today, news broke that the Emmy winner will portray talking-head-mentor-in-a-tube Zordon in the dark, gritty Power Rangers reboot. And isn’t this the most perfect casting choice? I mean, Zordon is bald! Bryan Cranston was at one point bald!

bryan cranston zordon

Now, Bryan Cranston has some history with the Power Rangers franchise, having done voice work for some of the monsters-of-the-week on the old show:

So as cool as it will be to see an actor with the gravitas of Cranston playing Zordon, what’s truly exciting about this casting news is that it means Cranston won’t be reprising his role of Snizzard, a character that is very offensive to snakes.


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bryan cranston zordon

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