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“It’s like some little kid dropped their toy!”We love the…

“It’s like some little kid dropped their toy!”

We love the scientists operating the Exploration Vessel Nautilus (previously featured here), because in addition to simply being awesome scientists, they have a tremendous appreciation for cuteness. Last time we watched them delighting in the shyness of a little dumbo octopus.

Today they’re positively giddy about this tiny purple cephalopod that looks like it has googly eyes. Spotted off the coast of California at the depth of depth of 900 meters (2,950 feet), the animal is a Stubby Squid (Rossia pacifica) and it’s actually more closely related to cuttlefish than octopus or squid.

But just listen to how excited they all were to simply spot this kawaii little guy:

For more adventures with the scientists operating the E/V Nautilus, follow Nautilus Live on Facebook.

[via The Mary Sue]

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