IT WAS NEVER OGRE – A 'Shrek' Revival is in The Works

Since franchises are wayyyy more profitable than stand-alone movies these days, Comcast (who acquired DreamWorks Animation last year) is looking to completely revive the story of everyone’s favorite (and only) grumpy Scottish ogre, Shrek.

Here’s a refresher of the beloved franchise that started in 2001 that we 100 percent thought was over after the last movie, Shrek Forever After.

There aren’t any details on how exactly this is going to happen, but it sounds like the production company wants to spit out no less than four Shrek movies a year. That’s… a lot of obvious meta pop culture jokes for one rotation around the sun. NBCUniversal chief Steve Burke explained to his investors that the goal is to create characters that will lead to theme park attractions and licensed merchandise. Basically, they don’t just want people to enjoy the movie, they want them to buy every goddamn Shrek thing they can stick a logo on. That means we’ll probably see everything from theme park rides to toys to iPhone cases to green-colored onion-flavored ice cream cones. (“Mmmmm, tasty!!!” – Japan probably)

Burke also went on to explain that Illumination Entertainment’s Chris Meledandri will have creative control of the Shrek revamp. “He is creatively going to try to help us figure out how to resurrect Shrek and take a lot of the existing DreamWorks franchises and add value as we create new franchises.” So expect more revamps of existing franchises, a ton of merchandise from old franchises, and more sassy Donkey Eddie Murphy than we should really consume in a calendar year.

All that said, this news doesn’t surprise me. But why not create an entirely new set of characters for us to fall in love with and spend all of our money on? Ugh, this franchise bullsh*t is getting really old. Too bad we keep spending money on them and therefore IT’LL NEVER STOP.

What do you think of the Shrek revival? Is four too many movies in one year? Let us know what you think @Smosh!

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